To ensure a robust payment system for Ghana,  the  Bank of Ghana has put in place a  strategic plan, termed “National Payment Systems Strategic Plan (2019-2024)”, sets forth the policy direction and guidelines that will promote an enabling environment to develop the Ghanaian payment and financial systems. With the vision of  “To have a safe, efficient and inclusive payment system with an enabling environment for competitive delivery of innovative, convenient, and affordable digital payment solutions”.

The key strategic objectives of the plan are :

  • Foster efficient payments;
  • Improve financial inclusion; and
  • Enhance financial innovations.

The  plan is anchored on  the following Strategic Pillars/ Responsibilities :

Develop and implement clear and comprehensive regulatory and governance


  • Promote free, competitive and orderly development of the payment system
  • space that encourages innovation;
  • Promote a safe and efficient payment system that fosters confidence and
  • encourages usage;
  • Deepen financial inclusion;
  •  Promote financial technologies;
  • Promote interoperability of payment systems;
  • Foster consumer trust; and
  • Participate in the integration of regional payment systems

The plan had a section which reviewed the central banks’ 2014 Strategic Payment Systems Roadmap and noted its key achievements.

The other key content are :

  • Rationale for a New Payment Systems Strategy
  • Vision
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Strategic Pillars/ Responsibilities
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Enablers (Critical Success Factors)
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Action Plan for Initiatives


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