The FinTech industry in Kenya have formed a new association known as The Kenyan FinTech Association (FINTAK) ( hyperlink ) in May 2021 with the vision: “To be the recognized professional authority representing all fintech companies in Kenya” and its mission is: “To represent and promote excellence in the fintech sector in Kenya, serving as a resource and forum for education, information sharing, and networking between companies, policymakers, and the general public.”

FINTAK is the first not-for-profit organization representing leading FinTech companies of all sizes, the objectives of the association include:

  • To Promote, communicate and develop cooperation and dialogue between Fintech companies within Kenya.
  • To speak with one voice for the Fintech sector and highlight the significant developments in the Fintech fields and provide pragmatic solutions;
  • To advocate and represent the interests of its members at the policy level, in particular in relation to the National regulatory bodies;
  • To lead Fintech companies in delivering comprehensive, innovative, and understandable financial services products for all Kenyans.
  • To foster sound tech regulation that is beneficial for the overall Kenyan financial market making consumers see the advantages of technology for finance.

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