Transformative age and Increasing needs of consumers has challenged insurance businesses with new thinking, ways of working, and more competitors leading to the combination of new technologies with insurance, that is, insurtech, in many insurance companies in order to ameliorate their services, and Hollard Insurance Company is no exception.

Hollard Ghana, with its subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance in an attempt to catch up with this new and transformative age is creating a more secure and better future for people, while consistently exciting its customers with innovative products, unparalleled customer experience and facile claims process.

Hollard Ghana’s new products that are making a wave include, a Digital Microinsurance, MeBanbɔ Life Insurance, a Welfare for Digital Giving, MyChurchPay, an Artificial Intelligence ChatBot, Araba Hollard for HollardChat Insure and e-Commerce: partnership with Jumia.

Customers’ needs and expectations have expanded exponentially and consequently the insurance industry must extend beyond its core services to retain already existing customers and acquire new ones and Hollard Ghana, is rising to the challenge with its unconventional disruptions.

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