IUMarkets, a financial trading company utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate earnings.

Artificial intelligence is a developed Powerful Automated Trading Robot (AI) that makes projections about the forecast of forex market prices and automatically trade for you in your Broker’s account. It is the most efficient, simple, safe, and affordable way to invest money and trade the Forex, Crypto and Stocks market.

However,IUMarkets utilizes AI to generate earnings of which several clients from across the globe are pleasured with IUMarkets and their AI, witnessing a result of the 70-80% winning trades. With most people busy with their job or businesses, the robot becomes the best option to generate profits without putting any attention to the charts, analysis, economic calendar and according to a recent study by U.K. research firm Coalition, electronic trades account for almost 45 percent of revenues in cash equities trading.

IUMarkets offers a range of products in the Forex, Cryptocurrency and contract for differences – CFD markets using leading technology and skilled experienced staff to provide the ultimate trading experience and providing customers with the highest standard of account security and supreme customer service.

It was established in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs who emerged from the banking system, IUMarkets became rapidly a central player in the financial markets due to its leadership and visionary approach on brokerage transactions.




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