Union54 provides Bank Identification Number  (BIN)  sponsorship, transaction processing and settlement. So wherever in Africa you are, you can integrate today and start to issue your own co-branded virtual or physical cards. Its card issuing infrastructure is premised on an API  does  issues debit cards without needing a bank or a third party processor based on simple pricing.

Key features

  • Ledger based -Issue a companion debit card to your wallet, enabling your users to participate on the global economy.
  • Acquirers/Gateways – settle ‘000s of merchants to multiple bank accounts. Issue cards to merchants and provide instant settlement.
  • Buy Now Pay Later –  Credit business over our single/multiple use debit cards.
  • Credit Union- Issue cards to your members, ease disbursements and collections.
  • Delivery Companies -Issue cards to your riders/drivers and have 360 overview of expenditure by merchant.
  • Digital Banking –  Multicurrency ledger and card management platform
  • Credit Card – Card management for  management of  services based on predefined  rules.
  • Corporate Card

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