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20th November,2021

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In this edition,

Blockchain to Curb Ghana’s Land Dispute and Related issues : Land dispute and it’s related consequences in Ghana increases from tim to time. Successive governments and international bodies including the World Bank have have intervened, in an effort to improve Ghana’s land administration but to no better success. A blockchain-enabled framework has been designed to solve the issues surrounding land acquisition, which, if built and implemented, will make the need for land certificate or land titling completely unnecessary in Ghana.

Employee-shareholders of Klarna now Millionaires : 75 of Klarna’s employees are now millionaire, owning shares worth $1m after the Swedish Fintech  valued at $45.6bn value in June, propped up by investors like SoftBank, making it Europe’s top private startup, and the world’s second most valuable fintech at the time. According to a Sifted analysis of its shareholder book, these employees include both past and present employee.

Justt Emerges Out of Stealth with $70m : Justt, formerly AcroCharge, a chargeback mitigation startup in Tel Aviv emerges out of stealth with $70 million funds which was raised across three tranches, including a Series B round led by Oak HC/FT and two previously unannounced rounds led by Zeev Ventures and F2 Venture Capital, respectively. It has also secured investment from Facebook’s David Marcus, former head of Square Capital Jacqueline Reses, and DoorDash executive Gokul Rajaram.

€25 plus seized in Cryptocurrency Money Laundering Investigation: Ovee 25 million euros in cryptocurrencies has been seized in a money laundering investigation. The increasing popularity and the anonymous nature of these currencies has made them a hiding space for criminal cash which investigations also revealed that criminals are also dealing with unwanted exchange rate fluctuations by converting the crypto currency into so-called ‘stable coins’ such as USDT, which is linked to the US dollar.



AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase : Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), the world’s leading organization on financial inclusion policy and regulation that empowers policymakers to increase access and usage of quality financial services for the underserved, through the formulation, implementation and global advocacy of sustainable and inclusive policies. The AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase promotes the world’s most promising FinTech and RegTech innovators that are enhancing access to and the usage and quality of formal financial services for low-income populations in developing countries and emerging markets. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with central banks, government ministries and other financial policymaking institutions from 88 developing and emerging market economies, network with FinTech entrepreneurs, take part in a training session by the LHoFT to hone their investor pitching skills, attend special sessions with AFI members, and get featured in a special AFI report. Applications are open 17th December,2021



8th Virtual Fintech Connect: 2021 FinTech Connect conference dubbed “The Global FinTech Ecosystem Connected” is to take place on 01 – 02 December, 2021. The virtual conference will bring together challenger banks, innovative merchants, central banks, tier one financial institutions or cutting-edge tech players, and related experts and professionals to discuss challenges and successes in AI, Open Banking, CBDCs, DeFi, Embedded Finance, Fraud, AML and digital transformation.


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