About Fraud Webinar will discuss how banking customers have been impacted by Authorised Push Payments (APP) in 2021 and explore the role that Behavioural Biometrics plays in the prevention of social engineering scams. The 2022 key industry challenge and how preparations can be made to face it. Participants will learn

  • Vulnerable customers: debunking common misconceptions
  • Social engineering: the evolution, current landscape and numbers
  • Scams in disguise: how to detect scams
  • Customer Reimbursement Model: who’s liable for Authorised Push Payments?
  • Confirmation of Payee: how real-time collaboration is changing the scam landscape
  • Spotting scams: the good, the bad and the ugly, protecting vulnerable customers through the lens of Behavioural Biometrics.

Speakers include Iain Swaine, the Director of Global Advisory at BioCatch, Paul Davis the Director of Fraud at TSB and  Ronald Praetsch, Co-founder who will also cover some ‘quick wins’ one can focus on to help prepare for the risks of social engineering scams in 2022.


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