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18th December,2021

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

New York City and Miami rival to be the Center of the Cryptocurrency Industry : Rivalry peaks as mayors of Miami and New York City have vision of making their cities hubs for virtual currency.

How can we make electronic money safer in the digital age? : With the increase use of e-money, regulators need to focus on consumer protection and the integrity of the overall payments system hence, a comprehensive, robust framework for regulation and safeguarding customer funds is critical

Cashing out: There’s an inevitable shift to cashless payments : As the COVID pandemic accelerated a cashless revolution in almost all parts of the world, a PayPal consumer study earlier this year found Canadians have increased monthly online spending by over $3-billon a month since the pandemic started, with nearly all of it being cashless payments.



Future FinTech Leaders fellowship is a highly selective program to open up new opportunities for Pursuit Fellows to become leaders and entrepreneurs in technology and build a pipeline of diverse, top-tier talent to the FinTech industry.


Africa Fintech Foundry (AFF) : An Access Bank (Nigeria) initiative that aims to nurture and accelerate the growth of FinTech startups in Africa thus fast-tracking their growth and maturity to deliver relevant solutions to the market, providing greater access to financial services to the financial excluded across the continent, bring innovative digital financial services originated by Africans, to the world; and to bring the world to Africa through digital innovation while building the business capacity of startups, support business development, and facilitate access to capital, markets, customers and global innovation partners.


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