Harvard Business School (HBS)-Accion Program on Strategic Leadership in Inclusive Finance provides high-level management and leadership training to those who are reshaping the financial system for underserved populations by expanding access to critical financial tools.

The intensive six-day program offers leaders from around the world—spanning the private, public, and social sectors inclusive of microfinance and financial institution executives and managers, impact investors, Fintech entrepreneurs, policymakers and regulators, MNO and telecommunications providers and international development/financial inclusion practitioners, an exceptional opportunity to connect with outstanding peers, engage with HBS faculty’s leading experts, and gain insights from rapid shifts in the inclusive finance space amid unprecedented global challenges.

The program scheduled for April 3-8 is open for application until February 2, 2022.  Partial scholarship by Citi Foundation is available to partaicipants who otherwise cannot attend because of the cost.

Why You Should Apply

The course bolsters the opportunity for the participants to develop  strategic thinking in serving clients at the base of the pyramid by analyzing real-life cases, re-evaluates an individual’s role and their  organization in the financial inclusion space. It is expected to deepen and expand participants’  knowledge of business strategy and management alongside like-minded peers and the foremost thinkers in the field. It also expected to rise the caliber of participants’ leadership skills.

Accion is a global nonprofit committed to creating a financially inclusive world, with a pioneering legacy in microfinance and fintech impact investing.

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