Fintech Labs was founded in 2001 by two financial services veterans with the goal of connecting small business owners to the best new fintech services to help them manage, grow, and protect your business. It provides the platform to showcase up-and-coming fintech companies, often referred to as challenger or digital banks, card issuers, lenders, insurance providers and others. Its main  focus is on small and medium businesses to make them a viable alternative to the traditional national brands.

It provides services to banks, credit unions, and other financial services companies in order to  improve their digital banking ROI through better service offerings, more straightforward user interfaces (UI), and best-in-class customer experience (UX/CX).    

Furthermore, it provides advisory services in the assessment of  digital channels with the goal of  identifying customer experience strengths and weaknesses; and how how to fix these issues in a cost-effective manner.

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