A new conscious investing app, Etcho is  to be launch in the UK, with pre-registration currently open for signups.

The app is designed to align a user’s investment goals with their ethical ones and is aimed at “anyone wanting to transform tomorrow through conscious investment decisions”.

Users tell the app what causes they care about and what they want to support and Etcho will “show you companies matching your morals”.

The London-based fintech says it wants to “empower everyone and anyone” to be able to invest their money in a sustainable way and make it easier to invest in companies that align with all 17 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Each prospective company will be given transparent sustainability scores against each SDG. The SDGs include reducing gender inequality, preserving ocean life and providing access to adequate food and clean water.

Etcho will allow users to understand the impact of their current and potential investments through access to companies’ detailed financial performance data and educational tools and events around sustainable finance.

The start-up will operate a freemium-based model, in which consumers gain access to the app’s basic features for free but can choose to upgrade for a price.

The company was co-founded by Charlie French and Liall Medina and has yet to set a launch date. The company aims to empower everyone and anyone to be able to invest their money in a sustainable way, making it easier than ever to invest in companies that align with the SDGs.

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