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February 19, 2022

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

Intel Invests in Blockchain Technology with a New Energy Efficient Chip : Intel designs a new energy efficient chip which is it’s first crypto-focused chip, called “blockchain accelerator” to mine cryptocurrency.

Tiger Global Invests $12 million into AI Analytics Platform, Devron : Devron, a pioneering data science software company, has raised $12 million a Series A financing round, led by leading investment firm Tiger Global to accelerate adoption of its innovative machine learning platform that enables the extraction of actionable insights from enterprise-wide, distributed data.

ZainCash – Iraq’s Pioneering FinTech Company Selects Temenos to Expand its Digital Portfolio : Iraq’s leading digital wallet, ZainCash, has chosen Temenos’ modern technology architecture – built on micro services and APIs,  to power the rapid growth and innovation of its digital payment service and bring the latest FinTech innovation to market much quicker and scale efficiently.

India’s Central Bank’s Deputy Governor calls for the Ban of Cryptocurrency : Deputy governor of the central bank of India, Shri Rabi Sankar, has called for cryptocurrency ban saying “Cryptocurrencies are very much like a speculative or gambling contract working like a Ponzi scheme.


Online Webinar – FinTech Innovations in Africa – Trends, Challenges, and Future : With some great African continent’s leading thought leaders as speakers and a broad spectrum of FinTech companies and professionals worldwide, this webinar will offer insight into the ever-growing trends in the Financial Technology sector, tackle the challenges facing Africa’s FinTech sector and explore the promising future on February 24,2022.


CcHub announces Fintech Innovation Program for Rwanda : Fintech Innovation Program has been launched in Rwanda by Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), in partnership with the Rwanda government, Google and Mojaloop Foundation to accelerate the country’s digital transformation in order to drive inclusive economic development through technology. This initiative will support early-stage fintech startups and innovators through incubation program by CcHUB. Also there will be two cohorts of 15 startups over the course of the year, with a $10,000 grant to each selected company. Deadline for application is February 20th, 2022.

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