Visa, the world leader in digital payments opens application for Visa Everywhere Initiative 2022.

This initiative, a first step for startups in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa to get worldwide attention. Visa Everywhere Initiative is an open innovation program that helps startupsĀ  unlock new opportunities and get known globally to demonstrate your ground-breaking solutions.

The open innovation program tasks startups to solve payments and commerce challenges for Visa, clients, and customers everywhere.

The Visa Everywhere Initiative this year is partnered by TechCrunch, a leading online publisher focused on the tech industry and the heart of the global startup ecosystem. This year, the initiative will also be running three competitions, labeled as the special edition. It is geared towards uplifting and supporting underrepresented communities in the United States – Black American, Women, and LGBTQ+ in partnership with StartOut.

Applications are open for the Visa Everywhere Initiative 2022: local, regional and special edition.

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