Nelson Mullins’s Women in FinTech (WinFin) Group will be holding its WinFin Conference on March 31 this year at Miami Dade College-The Idea Center, with a panel of nationally recognized thought leaders who will share insights on FinTech’s global development.

WinFin is an affinity group of Nelson Mullins for Women in FinTech was established in 2021.  It is an initiative to support, and present, women as leaders in the space of FinTech.

“The goal of WinFin is to connect, support, and elevate women in FinTech, both inside and outside of the Firm,” said Katherine Baker, partner.

Baker’s partner, Erin Kolmansberger,  added, “Internally, we want to build a community of women interested in or practicing in the area of FinTech to provide networking and business development opportunities. Externally, we hope to enhance our legal services as a team to support women entrepreneurs in FinTech and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry.”

Nelson Mullins’ FinTech team includes more than 40 attorneys with experience in the industry.

To attend, register here

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