Mass Fintech Hub directly connects investors to FinTech founders and startups. The Hub provides inspiration, catalyst and facilitator for the Start-up community, creating opportunities for  meeting, sharing, learning and collaborating with investors, startup founders, academia, partners, and talent in the Fintech space.

The Mass Fintech Hub, through its Career Fair is offering the opportunity for Fintech startups, students and enthusiasts to network with one another, collaborate and find Investors and jobs. The fair :

  • provides awareness to University/College students and faculty as well as employees at corporations on what Fintech really is,
  • promotes collaboration, networking and potential job opportunities, and
  • enhance relationships between the Academia and Corporations

The Fintech Career Fair will bring Financial Institutions who are hiring, Graduate & Undergraduate Students who are looking to explore Fintech Career opportunities, and Start-ups who are interested in meeting & hiring top innovative talent, in one space.

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