As the financial sector evolves, new innovative ideas and solutions are developed, increasing the importance of FinTech. The Fintech Industry has many important sectors depending on it, including but not limited to banking, insurance, loans, and venture capital, making it the hotspot for many startups.

However it is quite challenging for many entrepreneurs to get funding for their startups as it requires great deal of effort and dedication generally.

FasterCapital assists Fintech startups to get funding through approaching different funding sources for FinTech startup such as angel investors, VC funding, grants, Loans, just to mention a few. Through its Raise Capital program, startups are connected to many angel investors and VCs who are interested in investing in FinTech businesses within different stages.

FasterCapital uses its AI system to match startups with angel investors and many other funding sources, review the necessary documents (Pitch deck, business plan and financial forecasts) and provide them with business insights for a more successful pitching.

Aside its AI matching, the company provides startups with reviewing of pitching documents, pitching coaching, creating a fundraising strategy and negotiation terms with angel investors.

FasterCapital assists FinTech startups, HealthTech startups, E-commerce startups, EdTech startups, Blockchain startups, and Mediatech startups. Do you fall into any of these category? Interested in getting funding? Join the program via

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