In an effort to connect fintech & blockchain global experts to uncover the potential of the central and eastern Europe and partner in new business ventures, the Unchain Fintech Festival will be hosted in Oradea, northwest Romania on July 13-14.

Bankers, financial institutions, regulators, startups, investors, and other key stakeholders of the fintech ecosystem will meet to discuss the latest trends, create business opportunities and spark innovation in financial services.

“Together with all the relevant experts in the financial and tech industry, we will shape the business landscape in payments, loans, insurance, personal finance, e-commerce, banking, and more. Central and Eastern Europe has a great potential of being one of the key drivers in the global fintech and blockchain economic shift. Regional unicorns have offered just a glimpse into the potential of the CEE and, through Unchain Fintech Festival, we aim to grow and maximize the innovation and business capabilities of the region,”  Alexandra Pollack, Co-Founder and CEO of Unchain Fintech Festival said.

The event will be into three main folds:  Unchain Trends, Unchain Ideas, and Unchain Connections. Unchain Fintech Festival is set to become the flagship regional event for fintech and blockchain in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Source : Romania Insider

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