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April 16, 2022

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

Bank of Canada explores Quantum Computing to tackling Complex Financial Problems involving Cryptocurrencies : Spain-based Multiverse Computing, a quantum software company supports Canada’s Central Bank to experiment quantum computing, a technology will allow it to predict the effective regulations for the cryptocurrency market.

Amazon CEO: Predicts growth in Crypto and NFTs : Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon is optimistic about crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), noting that cryptocurrency will “become bigger” and NFTs will continue to “grow very significantly.” while he announced that Amazon will be accepting Crypto Payments and Selling NFTs.

Dentist-Turned-Entrepreneur Takes Fintech Superapp Toss To The Next Level : Lee Seung-gun searches for a bit of Asia’s fast-growing fintech market, to push his finance super app, Toss to its subsequent stage with push.



How to make money from crypto currencies ? Opportunities and pitfalls : Cryptocurrency is valued globally at an estimate of $2.3 trillion 2021. Register for How to make money from crypto currencies ? Opportunities and pitfalls attain indepth knowledge about history and development of cryptocurrency, its application, Bitcoin, how cryptocurrency works, advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies and the scams and get rich schemes associated with it on April 28.

Nordic – Africa Fintech Summit : For indepth knowledge and experience in financial technology, finance, and exposure to the market opportunities, attend Nordic – Africa Fintech Summit, a virtual summit on April 27, 2022. Speakers of the summit will take a closer look the Finnish fintech industry, Payment technology in Ghana, financial and fintech industry in Ghana, emerging tech industry in Africa, and developing payment infrastructures in the Nordics, Europe and Africa.


Beenext – Founder-first Venture Capital : A founder-first venture capital firm that partners and supports founders to build their companies and provides opportunities for co-creation, inclusive growth, knowledge-exchange, mentorship, capital support, expertise, networks, and capital to empower their startups. Beenext has partnered and supported a number of companies which are now fast growing. Ralali.ccom, NoBroker, Fleetx and TrustSocial have not been left out.


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