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June 4, 2022

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

PEXA acquires 25% of AI fintech, Elula : AI-as-a-service, Elula sheds 25% stake to PEXA Group – Property Exchange Australia as its two products Sticky and Nudge catches PEXA Group’s attention.

WebCargo, Airfreight Booking Firm Launches Digital Payments Option : Airfreight digital booking portal, WebCargo, tests its new digital payments service as it now directly processes real-time rates and payments for forwarders and airlines, enabling forwarders  to pay for bookings on the platform rather than using a separate tool.

Ghana to use fintech as engine for inclusive growth : Israel supports Ghana through collaboration with startups to scale up and provide creative solutions to drive financial inclusiveness and development.

Fintech Clip Money Inc. Announces Investment from GLORY to Deliver Enhanced Deposit Services for Businesses : Cash technology solutions provider, Glory invests in Clip Money Inc. to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds of banking services to financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation.

Unilever partners Egyptian B2B eCommerce Cartona for its Expansion plans : Cartona an Egyptian retail tech company joins Unilever to increase offerings to the marketplace’s base of retailers, suppliers and distributors.


Mercia Fund Managers – UK’s largest VC : Capital, the headstart for all startups. Mercia Fund Managers is one of UK’s largest Venture Capital, a proactive specialist asset manager with a focus on regional businesses seeking venture, private equity or debt finance to scale their businesses. Mercia Fund Managers is a domestic investor, with focus on the UK regions which assists the growth of innovative and ambitious startups in the Midlands region via mentorship, financial support, networks and guidance. With 100 professionals and investment staff, Mercia’s Platform provides access to high-quality business leaders, advisory teams and operational specialists to offer transformative support to help our portfolios’ leadership teams architect their success.


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