With believe in technologists and entrepreneurs, 8VC partner with top founders and entrepreneurs to build lasting technology platforms and create long-term economic and societal value. The company assists early-stage startups with support and funding in an effort to motivate future innovations to improve the global landscape.

The VC concentrates on seed rounds and has managed a total of six investment funds. Since its inception, 8VC has made 278 investments and has only exited from 19 so far. 8VC manages $2.7bn+ in AUM and has built its firm and investment strategy based on its core values of belief in technology.

8VC has assisted financial technology services provider like Branck, Hearth, Indio, Blend and Socotra.

8VC Innovator’s Cup awards multiple $8,000 prizes to social innovators and fly the recipients of those prizes out to spend a day with 8VC’s Founder and their partnership, where contestants will go through mentorship on how to fine-tune and scale their projects in order to maximize social change.

The competition highlight high-impact contrarian projects inspired by a sense of civic duty and oriented towards underprivileged communities. Participants gets funding and mentorship and also exposure as well as network with business leaders and policy-makers.

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