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June 25, 2022

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

Digital asset marketplace unveiled to promote cash-lite transactions : Via its range of products like airtime to cash or Bitcoin feature, Glover App, has launched its presence on the Ghanaian market with its brand campaign dubbed “One App Many Possibilities” to complement efforts at driving a cash-lite economy.

Cash in the Pocket, Cash in the Cloud: Cash Holdings of Bitcoin Owners : A Central Bank of Canada study has realized that bitcoin ownership positively correlates with cash holdings even after accounting for selection into ownership via a control function approach.

Uganda to impose VAT on Facebook, Netflix : Effective 1st July 2022, Uganda Revenue Authority has established mechanisms to collect VAT from non-resident electronic service provider companies operating in its economy.

US Lawmakers Push Bill That Could Block FinTech, AI Investments in China : US’ newly proposed bill which proposes the creation of a Committee on National Critical Capabilities to screen investments may extend the government’s powers to block U.S. investments in countries like China to protect country’s technology and rebuild critical supply chains.


ICTD to host webinar on E-levy tax, “Ghana’s E-Levy: two months in, what do we know?” : DIGITAX announces the first in a series of webinars on Taxes and Digital Financial Services (DFS) by the International Centre for Tax and Development, as a research program, dubbed, ‘Ghana’s E-Levy: two months in, what do we know?’ to mine the origin of the tax and to begin a well-informed conversation, open to Ghanaian and international audiences, for a better understanding of the tax’ design, its implementation, its effects as experienced by different parts of society, and what the tax’s implications for other countries in similar situations may be, on June 24.


Octopus Ventures launches £10m Women-led Pre-seed fund : Previous investor in only seed to Series B rounds, Octopus Ventures opens pre-seed fund of £10m to invest in fresh startups across Europe in the B2B software, fintech and health sectors, with the aim to be the first cheque in pre-seed rounds at a “sweet spot” of between £400k and 750k, as well as offer startups £100k single ticket investments. Although the fund is pitched at a three-year deployment period, its leaders Kirsten Connell and Maria Rotilu are currently pacing a little bit ahead of that and have already invested in five companies in June.

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