blockchain, a first-of-its-kind trading platform with a unique crowd-funded business model built with and operating on blockchain technology is now delivering a suite of unique advantages to underserved markets in Africa.

The blockchain development team behind DXS has designed a CFD (Contract-For-Difference) trading platform that operates on the BSV blockchain.

Traders benefit from the powerful features of the underlying blockchain, including instant transactions time-stamped to a public distributed ledger for a tiny fraction of a cent.

The Web 3 methodology means traders connect their digital wallets directly to the platform, allowing an account-free experience without the usual sign-up and account set-up process.

The result is a trading application that provides full functionality to traders with any level of capital, without the minimum deposit and minimum trade size requirements of traditional trading models.  DXS traders can open positions for as little as 1 cent.

DXS believes its product is a perfect fit for the burgeoning African market, which is notable both for the level of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption, as well as the scale of interest and innovation in the fintech and blockchain fields.

Blockchain is providing a wealth of opportunity for a young and brilliant continent, and DXS offers this market a leading demonstration of deployed blockchain innovation that is bound to spur interest in local entrepreneurs, while also providing financial opportunities to traditionally underserved portions of the market.

“Microtrading is the anchor value proposition of DXS, made possible due to the BSV blockchain’s capabilities.  BSV was created for anyone to use, including billions of unbanked people around the world. Our strategy and values are aligned with that of BSV. Thanks to negligible commissions, traders are able to open positions from one cent.”  DXS founder and CEO Armen Azatyan said.

Further to this, the novel crowd-funding model for the provision of trading liquidity allows DXS to operate independently from the large liquidity pools that control most of the retail trading market, resulting in the delivery of improved trading conditions to speculators in diverse international markets from commodities, indices and stocks, to cryptocurrencies and forex.

DXS is a proponent for the positive and constructive use of blockchain to improve financial inclusion, and to increase accountability and transparency in the financial services sector.

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