The International Fintech Congress IFC 2022 is scheduled to take place on November 11-13, 2022 in Marrakech, Morocco. This event is organized by the Morocco Fintech Association, Morocco, in collaboration with the National School of Business and Management, Casablanca, Morocco, HEEC Marrakech,the National School of Business and Management, Marrakech and the National School of Applied Sciences, Berrechid under the  “Fintech at the service of economic and social development”.

The IFC Congress will provide an opportunity to account state-of-the-art works, future trends impacting fintech, with a focus on elucidating the challenges, opportunities, and inter-dependencies that are just around the corner.

Congress Topics

Track 1: Fintech services
Currency, Crypto-currency, Central Bank Digital Currency;
Electronic and mobile payment methods;
Digital banking, online banking, mobile banking, open banking;
Insurance and InsurTech;
Alternative financing, participatory and collaborative financing (Crowdfunding)
Alternative lending technologies ;
Digital microfinance;
Islamic Fintech;
Regtech Services ;

Track 2: Technologies applied to finance
Green and Inclusive Finance
Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning
Internet of Things and platforms
Big Data analytics and Data Mining
Blockchain technology, Smart contracts, Cybersecurity
Cloud computing and applications
Mobile technologies
Biometrics technologies
Financial Information systems

Track 3: Innovation, financial inclusion & Social development
Business models and technological and financial innovation
Open innovation in finance and technology
Protection and development of financial innovations
Financial innovation and social impact
Digital trust and protection of personal data and privacy
Financial and digital education
Digital Financial Inclusion

Track 4: Fintech Ecosystem & economic development
Governance and regulation of financial technologies
Digital transformation of financial firms
Strategy and change management of fintech companies
Digital Financial Services Risk Management
Digital entrepreneurship and fintech startups
Knowledge and skills management in the Fintech sector
Digital marketing of fintech services
Agility and Fintech Project Management
Fintech industry and economic impact

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