This September, in Valencia, Spain, a multisensorial experience that mesmerizes visitors with a world of experimental and interactive art and creates the perfect scenario to connect with the community, NFT Show Europe, will host and connect NFT creators, collectors, and blockchain experts.

World-class speakers that will share their insights on key factors related to Blockchain Technologies, Metaverses, Decentralized Financial Systems, NFTs and Digital Art, will be present.

The event is “set to become the leading European meeting point” for all things NFTs. Through NFT SHOW EUROPE’s two planned days of activities, creators such as Zancan, Kim Asendorf, and Sam Tsao, among others, are set to have their work featured at the event’s exhibit. Aside from that, the event will also feature panels from Soliman López, VNCCII, and  Meta Mori.



Conferences : Leaders in the crypto community, NFT digital artists and investors will share their vision and experience.

Meetups : For a weekend, the city of Valencia becomes a meeting point for the crypto, NFT, digital art and software community.

Workshops : Answering the real questions here. Crypto investment strategies, NFT marketplaces and much more.

Tech Show : The fusion of artificial intelligence, art and technology translated into a visual show that awakens all your senses.

Experience Hall : Visitors will be dragged to a world of experimental and interactive art, immersive experiences and virtual reality.

Soundtrack : Awakening your senses is one of the goals of the journey towards #NFTSE22. Throughout the weekend renowned DJs will empower the event with unique performances.

Event start September 17 to 18

Tickets available

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