EMTECH, a Modern Central Banking Infrastructure provider, announced today its API-First Digital Regulatory Sandbox™ Platform was selected by the Bank of Ghana to modernize its regulatory review process and regulatory reporting capabilities. This decision will accelerate innovations to market to help BOG better assess their risk. The announcement confirms the groundbreaking partnership and a successful pilot which included a Ghanain Blockchain Financial Service Provider (FSP).

EMTECH’s open platform digitizes access to central banking services starting with the Digital Regulatory Sandbox and Regulatory Reporting APIs. The firm’s partnership with Bank of Ghana unlocks unprecedented value for both FSPs and regulators.

BOG and other regulators EMTECH onboards will leverage the Platform to review Sandbox applications officially submitted by the FSPs and assess the data submitted via the Regulatory Reporting APIs. This delivers a modern risk monitoring tool for regulated and yet to be regulated innovations going to market.

According to the Press Release on August 19, 2022, the Bank of Ghana stated the Sandbox is “an opportune tool for harnessing the potential of technology to develop an efficient and inclusive financial service industry without risking financial stability.” In 2021, Ghana received an estimated $167M in VC equity funding fueling a growing fintech ecosystem.

This marks the first central bank to adopt such an innovative technology built for multi-regulator and future multi-country regulatory integration for the ecosystem.

The Bank of Ghana has announced the Digital Regulatory Sandbox will welcome various Financial Service Providers, see the Sandbox Framework. Now, FSPs can officially submit the Sandbox application, access test APIs, and experience a dynamic platform that simplifies regulatory reviews, compliance and real time risk monitoring while in market.

“This was possible because of the Bank Of Ghana’s focus, dedication and efforts. We are very proud to be a trusted partner and applaud their vision and commitment to innovation” says EMTECH Founder and CEO Carmelle Cadet. “Such digital transformation for both emerging and developed financial markets, can contribute to greater regulatory clarity, capital investments, and economic growth over time. There’s a lot more to do, and we’re going to keep learning. We look forward to adding value for central banks, financial regulators and the growingFSP ecosystems.”

EMTECH moved from beta to production and is currently onboarding more central banks and regulators, as well as several new and established fintechs in Africa, U.S., and the Caribbean


Source : Fintech Futures

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