Xpeer, an online B2B platform has introduced two artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, designed to bolster B2B marketplaces’ search and review practices.

The company’s programs include Xpeer AI and Xpeer Score, which can help businesses choose market leaders to outsource business operations and information system developments, according to a Digital Journal report  (Sept. 10).

AI and related technologies have been able to facilitate changes across industries, Xpeer said, helping with things like automatic production machines, big data analytics, production and sales forecasting and financial projections.

Per the report, Xpeer is working to help speed the adoption of AI-based search and review for online B2B marketplaces, allowing businesses to filter service providers from anywhere in the world.

“Xpeer provides intelligent tools that use company data, performance history, ratings and reviews, and service descriptions to project them on performance evaluation charts,” an Xpeer spokesperson said, per the report. “This performance chart provides sufficient information about the company’s performance to businesses looking for services.

“The AI-powered search algorithms allow companies to view the top search results based on search criteria and the service provider’s past performance. The scoring algorithm works by evaluating a company’s past performance and scoring each project they undertake based on buyer’s ratings.”

Many companies have been embracing AI for various use cases lately, including DoorDash. Last month, the grocery delivery company deployed Relex Solutions’ AI solution to help boost its supply chain optimization and product availability.

“We are excited to partner with DoorDash to automate and optimize forecasting and replenishment for their DashMart locations,” Carlos Victoria, Relex senior vice president, sales, Americas, said in a statement at the time. “We look forward to working with DoorDash to continue driving accuracy and efficiency in their supply chain operations.”


Source: PMNTS

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