Devcon, an intensive introduction for new Ethereum explorers, a global family reunion for those already a part of the ecosystem, and a source of energy and creativity for developers, designers, researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, social economists, artists, and related.

A conference hosted by the Ethereum Foundation that’s geared toward developers, researchers, and movers within the Ethereum ecosystem which aims to deliver a holistic learning experience through panels, lighting sessions, workshops, and more. Devcon educates and empowers the community to build and use decentralized systems.

It is a homecoming for many active participants in the world of Ethereum. It is a large stage on which to present the latest groundbreaking ideas and achievements for the builders that make Ethereum what it is and what it will become. And to all of us, Devcon is an opportunity to bring new faces, places and entire communities into the fold.

This year, the event is scheduled for October 11-14 2022, Bogota, Colombia.  Devcon pushes the boundaries of possibility to bring decentralized protocols, tools, and culture to the world. Programming covers content ranging from the deeply technical to the profoundly human.

Devcon is more than just a 4-day conference — it’s a week-long holistic experience with events starting October 7 to 16. Get ticket here

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