Global Fintech Market is estimated to grow into  $225+ Billion industry  by 2027 according to a  new report  “Global FinTech Marketplace: Technologies, Applications, and Services 2022 – 2027” report. This report provides a comparative analysis between legacy financial systems and emerging FinTech solutions including disruption, potential benefits, and challenges.

The report evaluates the evolving FinTech market ecosystem including start-ups, banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and non-financial organizations. The report analyzes the global impact of FinTech and the outlook for specific regions. The report provides forecasts for the period 2022 to 2027.

Financial Technology (FinTech) represents a combination of financial services with Information Technology (IT) that is disruptive to the incumbent financial system as it transforms financial services including enhancements to existing areas as well as entirely alternative solutions. For example, the legacy financial system is under serious threat from emerging technologies, such as blockchain, to eliminate the need for intermediary trust agents for payment clearing and settlements.

FinTech-enabled services include peer-to-peer money transfers, lending services, online payments, and mobile payments. Financial organizations can develop solutions in-house, partner with FinTech solution providers, or acquire them. Apart from operational issues and/or user experiences, CAPEX and OPEX factors greatly impact these decisions.

There is a high degree of interest in FinTech from the investment community as well as major corporations such as Google, Intel, Salesforce, and many more. The banking industry is also starting to embrace FinTech solutions to establish distribution channels and to fend off competition from third parties.

Select Report Findings

  • The global FinTech market will reach $225.1 billion by 2027, growing at a 12.9% CAGR
  • The software segment is the largest segment with 47% of the total global market share
  • The digital payments segment is the largest solution with 94% of the total global market
  • USA, UK, China, Germany, and India are the largest countries in the global FinTech market
  • The Americas is the largest region with 76% of the total global FinTech investment market

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