Building on ADGM’s success of its flagship initiative Fintech Abu Dhabi since 2017, which attracted 18,500 participants, 200+ speakers, 100+ startups and 75+ ecosystem partners.

Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2022 will be a week-long engagement, which will cover various economic-related issues and topics: financial technology and innovation, startups and enterprises, venture funding and investment, asset management and capital markets, and economic policy and regulation.

Leading global speakers, entrepreneurs, financial regulators, investors, and experts will examine the next generation of finance and what it means for organizations, their clients and society at large. Experts will explore how innovations are making their way from the drawing board to mainstream and shaping our financial future.

Also, the event will provide the platform to catalyse ideas into action with a larger objective of actioning positive human impact. Business leaders, regulators, investors and global stakeholders will detail how we can create working relationships and communities to lead greater outcomes for all and also help the ecosystem navigate this dynamic landscape by tapping into the perspectives of top global investors, finance leaders, regulators and policy makers as well as understanding what they see on the horizon for global financial markets.

This year’s Abu Dhabi Finance Week is scheduled for November 14 – 18. Tickets selling! 

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