MassChallenge FinTech combines the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to advance scalable digital solutions by fostering collaborations between corporate partners and startups. By bringing FinTech’s most promising startups together with the financial sector’s strongest brands, it creates opportunities to innovate and solve some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.


While MassChallenge supports a wide array of early to late stage startups – the FinTech program is designed to support mid-late stage companies that possess a validated product/solution ready for scaling.

Validated product/solution for scaling – has enabled at least 2 proof of concepts (pilots)

10 or more employees (preferred)

Please note these are guidelines, not firm requirements. While funding and revenue are important factors in enterprise readiness, we also look at team strength, product/market fit, customer traction etc.


  • Warm introductions to global investors – with zero equity taken.
  • One-on-ones with industry experts to strengthen enterprise readiness as startups scale.
  • Outcomes-driven partnerships between enterprises and startups.
  • Solutions to the challenges that startups and enterprises face are backed by corporate C-Suite support, budget, and resources.


MassChallenge’s proven methodology hyper-focuses on helping founders identify goals and key initiatives, providing access to a meaningful network of experts and mentors, while also providing connection to a deep peer network from across the global community. All for no equity and no strings attached.

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