Are you a Ghanaian-based tech start-up or applying technology in your operation with at least 12 months in operation, aligned to the needs of Ghanaians or those operating in Ghana?

The Standard Chartered Women in Tech incubator is specifically designed to provide business incubation support for women-led or women -owned businesses that leverage technology.

The project in partnership with Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), aims to promote more diversity of thought and innovation in the technology sector and provide more opportunities for women applying technology in their operations to develop entrepreneurial excellence.

The programme comprises business advisory and financial interventions, including: GCIC’s highly acclaimed High-Value Mini MBA program, Women Entrepreneurs’ Transformation Programme,  opportunities to pitch for and secure financial grants for scaling up their business, and access to portfolio managers

Initiated by Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, in partnership with the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre, the SC Women in Tech business incubator will run for a duration of 9 months.


  • Access to business guidance and resources for business development
  • Skills development opportunities like world-class entrepreneurship classes, workshops, and other business training opportunities
  • Opportunity to tap into a strong network of business partners and peers with whom you can consult, collaborate, learn, and grow
  • Specialised mentoring support from seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced professionals
  • Access to funding opportunities such as grants for the top five finalists, greater access to investors, and financial guidance.


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