Ryan Reynolds, an actor and serial investor, has announced today he has invested in Canadian FinTech firm Nuvei.

Nuvei is a global payments technology company dedicated to accelerating its customers’ revenue growth through payments. With card acquiring services in more than 200 markets, including direct local acquiring in over 47 countries, as well as access to more than 600 alternative payment methods, Nuvei connects eCommerce businesses with their customers wherever they are in the world and however they want to pay.

The company entered 2023 with strong momentum, announcing its acquisition of leading B2B and Integrated Payments Technology provider Paya in the first weeks of the year and closing the transaction in February. Incorporating Paya technology and experts into Nuvei is creating a preeminent payment technology provider in Global eCommerce, Integrated Payments and B2B.

In addition to developing new use cases for its technology, Nuvei continues to expand geographically. The company has made significant strides to grow market share in both LATAM and APAC, including recently launching local acquiring capabilities in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

Reynolds remarked, “I know about as much about fintech as I did about gin or mobile a few years ago. But Nuvei is impressive. The leadership team is exceedingly intelligent and hard-working and it’s about time a Canadian company got the type of attention American tech companies do.”

Nuvei chair and CEO Phil Fayer added, “We’re thrilled to welcome Ryan to the Nuvei family. We’re a global company but extremely proud of our Canadian roots and values, so to have one of the most internationally recognizable Canadians, as well as an entrepreneur with such renowned business acumen, join our investors is a privilege.”

Credit : https://fintech.global/2023/04/18/actor-and-investor-ryan-reynolds-backs-canadian-fintech-nuvei/

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