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Data from the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) indicates that Ghana’s Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) implemented in May 2022 raked in ¢861.47 million as of March 2023.

The controversial levy in the first year of implementation at a rate of 1.5% accrued ¢614.57 million.

However, in the first three months of 2023, the levy brought in ¢246.9 million for the state.

According to the data from the GRA, the E-levy registered ¢53.58 million in revenue in the first month (May 2022) of its implementation.

It further shot up to ¢59.23 million in June 2022 and consistently rose in July 2022 (¢65.0 7million), August 2022 (¢71.29 million), September 2022 (¢78.95 million), October 2022 (¢85.73 million) and November 2022 (¢93.3 million) respectively.

The E-levy inflows breached the one hundred million cedis mark to record ¢106.79 million in December 2022.

It however began the year recording lower revenue than in December 2022. This was after the rate was revised to 1%, from 1.5%.

Despite the uproar about the implementation of the E-Levy, total mobile money transactions exceeded ¢1 trillion in 2022.


  1. Mobile money transfers done between wallets on the same electronic money issuer– For example sending money from your MTN Momo wallet to another person’s MTN Momo wallet.
  2. Transfers from a wallet on one electronic money issuer to a recipient on another electronic money issuer – For example sending money from your Vodafone Cash wallet to another person’s AirtelTigo wallet.
  3. Transfers from bank accounts to mobile money wallets: For example, Kofi transfers money from his CBG bank account to Ama’s G-Money wallet.
  4. Transfers from mobile money wallets to bank accounts: For example, Esi transfers money from her Zeepay wallet to Yayra’s bank account.
  5. Bank transfers on an instant pay digital platform or application which originates from a bank account belonging to an individual: For example, Kwame transferring money from his ADB app to Akua’s National Investment Bank account



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