CISEI builds on an interdisciplinary collaborative foundation to understand sustainability holistically, to co-create knowledge and value for a range of stakeholders, including individuals, communities and organisations.

Founded in 2016, CISEI conducts interdisciplinary cutting-edge evidence-based research on inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. Acknowledged nationally and internationally, the Centre engages with a diverse set of stakeholders to challenge and empower individuals and organisations to tackle critical equality, diversity and sustainability challenges in the context of entrepreneurship and innovation. CISEI is at the heart of the University’s inclusivity and sustainability agenda, playing a pivotal role in advancing research strands on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity and making impact for organisations and society.

focuses on exploring the resilience at different levels: individual (entrepreneurial resilience) and helping to enhance further understanding about entrepreneurial behaviour and planning and how resilience impacts on firms’ strategies and performance.

The goal of the Lab is to help individuals, organisations and stakeholders to develop a crisis management framework and manage SMEs’ corporate social responsibility practice to address challenges in fast-changing environments.

Aside the lab, CISEI has other lab and other opportunities.

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