The Dublin Tech Summit 2024, scheduled to take place on May 29 and 30 at the RDS in Dublin, is a two-day event poised to bring together global tech leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, with an expected attendance of over 8,000 participants and hundreds of speakers from around the world. The summit aims to showcase the latest technological advancements, highlight innovative ideas, and explore the future of tech in a rapidly evolving landscape.

This year’s edition will focus on emerging technologies like quantum computing and deep tech, positioning them as the new frontier of innovation. Discussions will also address the future of artificial intelligence (AI), emphasizing the importance of regulation and security in shaping a digital future. Speakers from diverse backgrounds, including tech innovators, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs, will share their insights on topics such as digital transformation, next-generation computing, startups, and global investing.

Dublin Tech Summit aims to foster collaboration, strengthen tech ecosystems, and facilitate networking opportunities to drive innovation and entrepreneurship forward. Since its inception in 2015, the summit has grown to become a significant event in the tech industry, providing a unique blend of Irish culture and global networking.

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