Scheduled to take place from June 10 to 14, London Tech Week 2024 promises to be even more expansive than its previous editions, offering attendees unparalleled opportunities to showcase innovations and connect with their target audience. With the event expanding to the vast London Olympia campus, doubling its space, opportunities, and impact, participants can anticipate an extraordinary week filled with groundbreaking innovations and transformative experiences.

London Tech Week 2024 will bring together innovators, investors, tech giants, and entrepreneurs from over 90 countries, offering a platform for the global tech ecosystem to intersect with investment, innovation, and talent in the UK.

Attendees can expect visionary insights from cross-industry leaders, deep dives into the startup ecosystem, and engaging discussions on social impact from prominent figures in the realms of technology, business, and politics. Participants will also get to engage with top founders, industry experts, leading investors, and enterprise tech leaders, gaining inspiration and connections to thrive in the tech industry.

Highlighted themes for this year’s event include:

Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the ethics and real-world impacts of AI, fostering creativity, and enhancing efficiency;

The Future of Security and Data: Addressing the importance of securing data and privacy, and exploring proactive solutions and ethical responsibilities;

Tomorrow’s Talent: Discussing strategies for preparing for the evolving job market, including upskilling, talent retention, and lifelong learning;

The Deep Tech Revolution: Exploring radical innovation in AI, biotech, and beyond, and its impact on future industries;

Green Innovation: Harnessing technology for a sustainable future, with discussions on eco-solutions, circularity, and environmental sustainability; and

Empowering Entrepreneurship: Encouraging innovation, venture building, and disruption in various sectors.

London Tech Week 2024 will feature multiple stages, including the Main Stage, Start-Up Stage, and Corporate Innovation Stage, each hosting a range of sessions, panels, and presentations on diverse topics.

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