FinTech Summit Africa is excited to announce its partnership with Start-up World Cup, the biggest start-up pitch competition globally. We will host the Start-up World Cup competition during our FinTech Summit Africa event on 27 June 2024.

Attend this prestigious occasion, where the most innovative start-ups will compete for the opportunity to win a $1 million investment and represent Johannesburg at the grand finale in San Francisco.

Experience the groundbreaking advancements and entrepreneurial energy that are set to shape the future across various tech sectors, including fintech, medtech, healthtech, agritech, edutech, autotech and proptech. The competition is open to all tech start-ups, including medtech, AI, IOT, robotics, big data, AR/VR, fintech and next-generation technologies, etc.

“We are excited to collaborate with Start-up World Cup to advance our mission of empowering entrepreneurs and fostering innovation in the tech start-up industry in Africa.” – Zenzele Ndlovu, Director at FinTech Summit Africa.

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both entities as they come together to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration within the start-up sector.

FinTech Summit Africa is collaborating to support emerging start-ups and provide them with significant opportunities for development and success. By combining their knowledge, resources and connections, both organisations aim to amplify the impact of entrepreneurship and innovation on a global scale.

What is the Start-up World Cup?

The Start-up World Cup is a global series of conferences and competitions designed to connect start-up ecosystems worldwide and spotlight the most talented entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to win a $1 million investment prize. The competition involves regional finals held across the globe, culminating in a semi-final and grand finale in San Francisco.

During the Johannesburg regional competition, 10 pre-selected start-ups will pitch their innovative solutions to a jury of leading investors and serial entrepreneurs. The winner will advance to the next stages of the competition in San Francisco, representing Johannesburg and competing for the grand prize.

“This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for us to support emerging start-ups, foster meaningful connections, and contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.” – Zenzele Ndlovu.

Start-up World Cup Pitch Competition

As part of this prestigious event, we are hosting a Pitch Competition exclusively for tech start-ups across the continent. This is your chance to showcase your innovative solutions, connect with potential investors, and compete for prizes sponsored by leading organisations in the tech ecosystem.

The Pitch Competition aims to select 10 promising start-ups to pitch their innovative solutions to a panel of investors.

The road to Silicon Valley: Pitch for a $1 million investment

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Register on the FinTech Summit Africa Page

  • Sign up to secure your spot.
  • Open to companies at any stage: pre-seed, seed, start-up, or scale-up.
  • It must be a legal entity.

2. Submit Your Pitch Deck

  • Create a compelling pitch deck.
  • Register on the Start-up World Cup site.
  • Showcase your innovation and potential.

3. Compete in the Live Knockout Rounds

  • 10 top finalists from the pitch decks will compete live at Fintech Summit Africa 2024.
  • Present your pitch to the panel of judges.

4. Win and head to the Silicon Valley Grand Finale

  • The winner of the FinTech Summit Africa Regional pitch competition will represent Africa at the Start-up World Cup Grand Finale in Silicon Valley on 4 October 2024.
  • Compete for a $1 million investment.
  • Note: Travel expenses are to be covered by the start-up.

Complete the registration form following this link to participate in the Pitch Competition and seize the opportunity to make your mark on the Tech industry: Startup Booking Form

Learn more about past, present and future Start-up World Cup editions:

What is FinTech Summit Africa? FinTech Summit Africa is an annual event that brings together industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss and showcase the latest trends and advancements in the fintech sector. The summit aims to drive financial inclusivity and economic growth across Africa through collaboration and innovation.

In collaboration with its partners, it aims to foster local innovation by providing African start-ups with exposure and access to top venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs. This event promises to be a significant milestone in promoting financial inclusivity and driving technological advancement across the continent.


FinTech Summit Africa 2024 will be:

  • Showcasing the newest trends, solutions and groundbreaking innovations that are shaping the fintech industry in Africa.
  • Stressing the significance of ensuring financial inclusivity and providing affordable, sustainable financial services to every sector of society, including those currently underserved and unbanked communities
  • Centering on the real-world effects of fintech innovations on fostering economic growth, reducing poverty and promoting social empowerment throughout the continent. This involves highlighting success stories and pointing out avenues for positive transformation.

FinTech Summit Africa themes:

  • Latest trends, solutions and disruptive ideas shaping the fintech industry.
  • Financial inclusion and accessibility.
  • Efficiencies in automating credit assessments while mitigating fraud.
  • AI and data analytics in financial services.
  • Generative AI and fintech: The future of fintech and AI in Africa.
  • Fintech and the future of regtech.
  • Sustainable finance solutions.
  • Regtech, cyber security and data privacy.
  • Blockchain and crypto-currencies.
  • Digital banking and payments.
  • Cross-border payments and remittances.
  • Regulatory environment, compliance and innovation in finance and banking.
  • Customer experience and personalisation.
  • Insurtech and innovations in insurance.
  • Banking and fintech case study.
  • Embedded finance in emerging markets.
  • Digital transformation within fintechs.
  • BFSI cyber security challenges and mitigation strategies.
  • Open banking in Africa.

For more information and to register for the FinTech Summit: Book Your Ticket Now. 



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