Africa’s fintech sector is open for business, with much ground to cover. In many African nations, 90% of transactions are still cash-based, signalling a vast untapped market.

Data from McKinsey indicates a potential surge in Africa’s financial-services market, with revenues likely reaching $230b by 2025.

With nimble fintech players embracing digital transformation, this expanding market presents a fertile ground for innovation and disruption.

Fintech companies in Africa are riding the wave of technological advancements and socio-economic changes. The rise in smartphone usage, more affordable internet, broader network reach, and a youthful, expanding urban population drive fintech adoption.

The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated digitalisation trends. This has created a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, presenting fintech startups with unique opportunities to meet evolving demands.

Empowering fintech innovators

FFA understands the challenges faced by fintech companies and is dedicated to serving as the catalyst for your success. It offers more than funding for fintech startups – it equips them with the know-how and mentorship needed to scale your venture and lay the foundation for future success.

The team of industry experts and mentors will work closely with startups to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive innovation.

Why choose FFA

Access To Capital For Business Growth

Securing adequate funding is critical for the growth and success of fintech startups. FFA is committed to providing the financial resources necessary to fuel ventures expansion.

Whether the startup have a disruptive idea or a pioneering prototype, they invest in promising early-stage fintech startups across the continent, including Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. With FFA’s support, startups can unlock the full potential of their innovative solutions and create a significant market impact.

Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals

Embark on the fintech journey with confidence, knowing that a diverse team of industry leaders is there to back your startup.

FFA brings together world-class thinkers, makers, and entrepreneurs, each with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience nurturing startups across Africa and South Asia. Their sector specialists are committed to collaborating. They provide personalised mentorship and help startups navigate the intricacies of building a successful fintech enterprise.

Whether it’s software engineering or growth marketing, investment network hacking or partnerships, UX/UI design, or business development, their experts will help the startup grow.

Collaboration with leading pan-African corporations

FFA is proud to have forged exclusive partnerships with prominent Pan-African corporations, including Standard Bank Group, and leading international foundations such as the Mastercard Foundation and Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures.

FFA works closely with their corporate investors and partners to help startups overcome scaling challenges. They will gain a competitive edge for their business by leveraging their extensive networks and assets.

The expertise, data, market insights, relationships, credibility, and capital FFA corporate partners provide become startups superpowers on the path to success.


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