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Director of Finance

Gilbert Agyeman

Gilbert Agyeman is a Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana) and a Financial Management Expert.

Professional Skills

Accounting 95%
Consulting 95%
Management 90%
Finance 90%

Experience & Activities

 He has a rich experience in training on the use of accounting software, external auditing and budgetary control.He has passion to serve, strong desire with knack for paying attention to details and very industrious.
Experience & Activities
He provided technical support in terms of Financial Management for the implementation of CIDA Funded Project “Food Security and Environmental facility project” (FESF) in the three northern regions in Ghana.
He is a good communicator and with exceptional decision making skills; He has excellent written and oral communication skills; with the ability to take decisions based on relevant information for accuracy, timely and reliability.
He is a self starter with a high degree of initiative; very imaginative, creative and brainstorming analyst with quick value judgment for organizational decision.