The DLT Voice of the Customer Working Group (WG) recently conducted a survey of Asset Owners and Investment Managers to highlight where they are on their journey towards DLT based investments (tokenised assets, Crypto currencies).The intent was to validate what they want and need from the Securities Services industry.This work was initiated as a result of the 2020 Survey “DLT in the Real World” where it appeared that the investors were focused more on Crypto currencies rather than tokenised securities, which was the opposite of the capabilities that ISSA members were building.

This new survey was broken into a quantitative part and a qualitive part to gain not only data, but also an understanding of the unquantifiable elements of the digital asset story.
The number of responses that were received was less than the normal base line of responses where ISSA believes it has enough data to issue a report. This led the WG to provide this article as the WG thinks that the data is in line with the WG’s expectations and useful to the Membership despite that caveat.

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