Fintech Center Korea was established to contribute to the improvement of financial services for consumers and develop the financial industry by creating the innovative financial ecosystem and activating Fintech services. Its vision is to create a global Fintech Hub that supports the emergence of innovative financial services and the growth of the Fintech industry.
Key areas of operations

Financial Test Bed Participation Support

Provide continuous support programs for Regulatory Sandbox in order to develop Korea’s Fintech industry and its ecosystem

Fintech Security Support

Support the cost of security check and service vulnerability check

Financial Cloud Support

Provide financial support for cloud services specialized in finance to ensure that financial consumers have a safe access to innovative Fintech services

Pre-Fintech Startup Support

Support Business-voucher, entrepreneurship education, mentoring, etc. (for smooth Startup commercialization of Pre-Startups)

Private Office Offer : Operation of ‘Fintech Cube’(Specialized Training Program For Fintech)

Operate “Front 1” as a space for fintechs to move in and develop their business

Fintech Job Matching Support

Establishing a continuous system for recruiting that links online to offline for job creation

Fintech Overseas Expansion Support

  • Overseas Expansion Consulting : Providing consulting considering the environment of target market and industrial characteristics for each country with specialized agencies·Law, Accounting/Taxation, Patents and Marketing
  • Conduct overseas market research and topic based on demand of Fintech companies
  • Support translation service : Fintech Specialized Translation Zone in “Front 1”

Korea Fintech Week

Hold global Fintech exhibition to raise people’s interest about fintech, share fintech trend, and provide network opportunities

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