The Sam E. Jonah School of Business at the Africa University College of Communications (AUCC) in collaboration with Knowledge Innovations, a consultancy firm, is to equip Ghanaian professionals with knowledge in Financial Technologies (FinTech) through online training.

FinTech is shaping the global financial system’s foundation, bringing in its wake innovations and changing how end-users interact with financial services.

The global FinTech market is valued at over USD 309.98 billion, with an ever growing number of operators worldwide offering a variety of services.

The three-day Professional Certificate in (FinTech) and Innovations training that starts from June 23 to 26, 2021 is, therefore, designed to help participants take advantage of the ever-growing Fintech market and innovate.

The tailored-made training is intended to equip decision-makers, key management staff and senior executives from the Banking sector, Regulatory agencies, Public Service Delivery, Finance, Microfinance and credits companies, as well as Savings and loans firms, Credit union, Pension, FinTech Companies, Research Institutions and donor Agencies with knowledge.

The Business Development and Admissions Manager at AUCC, Mr Samuel O. Sackey, who is also the Coordinator for short courses, said the course delivery formats would involve live sessions with presentation of key concepts by facilitators, discussion through the use of trigger questions, group discussion, review of articles, case studies and guest speaker presentations.

“Participants are assured of learning and comprehension of how the FinTech industry is structured and gain insight into future trends and development as well as discover the latest trends and development in the FinTech industry to enable them to rise and stay on top of the competition,” he added.

Mr Martin Awagah, Faculty Director at Knowledge Innovations, said, “The training would provide insights into emerging technologies like mobile money services, pension tech, insurance tech, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence as well as the discovery of new ideas on how professionals could utilise the power of Fintech to drive business growth and profitability.”

The course faculty and guest speakers are made up of exceptional and world-class thought leaders drawn from Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, the Caribbean and Nigeria who were expected to provide both in-depth theoretical and practical experiences to ensure the learning journey was supported with strategic insights needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving FinTech industry.

Innovations in FinTech is said to be creating new opportunities for companies and driving new business model for existing ones.

Therefore, recent entrants and existing companies are obligated to invest in strategy, human capital, and resources, which are needed for them to take advantage of numerous FinTech opportunities.

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