2022 Promises to be a Big Year for Fintech in Africa. The continent is providing leadership in increasing the number of Fintechs and turn-key innovative solutions. Join us to explore on the theme: FinTech Innovations in Africa – Trends, Challenges, and Future. We have gathered together the continent’s leading thought leaders in providing you with unparalleled insights into:

  • Key Geographical Market Developments
  •  Key Innovations
  • Collaborations
  • Major Drivers
  • Growth Trends
  • How Fintechs are Overcoming Some Key Challenges
  • Exciting Predictions for the Future

Watch now and learn from :

  •  Noha Shaker, Founder of the Egyptian Fintech Association;
  • Saqib Nazir, the Managing Director, Africa for Emergent Technology;
  • Kwami Ahiabenu, II, Tech Innovations Expert;
  • Martin Kwame Awagah, President of the Ghana Fintech and Payments Association;
  •  Segun Adeyemi, Co-founder and CEO of Anchor.



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