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July 2, 2022

Welcome to Emerging Tech Trends (ETT), focusing on technologies shaping the future.

In this edition,

Meta to make Online shopping a social experience using eCommerce and Digital Payments : In a bid to make online shopping more of a social experience via eCommerce and digital payments, Meta Platforms will unveil a digital clothing store soon.

Ghana : Vodafone Cash introduces Overdraft feature for mobile money customers : For customer value,  Vodafone Cash Overdraft is a new feature by Vodafone which enables customers to borrow money to complete specific transactions.

CBN to introduce USSD code to improve financial inclusion via eNaira : As a step to Nigeria’s journey to achieving financial inclusion, the central bank plans to implement the use of a USSD code to ensure people without smartphones could still transact on the eNaira platform.

Blockchain technology finding its way into Digital Advertising : Luxury fashion brands now leverage on blockchain-based NFTs to curb counterfeiting while some industries like gaming have improved data monitoring and management processes with it, hence informing the world the revolution it’s about to bring.



Picus Capital :  Over the last five years, it has invested in 11 European FinTech companies and later committed to about 19 (pre-) seed and/or SERIES A follow-up rounds for them. Picus Capital as an early-stage technology investment firm has invested in about 140 companies in 20 plus countries from early-stage to follow-up rounds and up to Series D and is highly-focused on HR & Recruiting Support to help the founders dive into the pool of talent and find the best ones there exist. Within the Fintech space, the firm has interest in investing in SME lending, secured property lending, digital banking, B2B transaction, and digital insurance finance solutions and supports startups in Real Estate, Finance & Insurance, Human Resources, Renewable Energy, Mobility, E-Commerce and Health as well.


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