Balance Money announced the launch of its new digital banking service. The company has positioned itself at the intersection of banking and budgeting to provide real-time financial insights and control for their customers. The lack of solutions in the marketplace sparked the creation of this innovative technology that enables automated real-time spend management for consumers looking to improve their financial health.

Currently, there are nearly 100 million Millennials and Gen Z’rs living in the United States that can benefit from this solution.

In the age of digital transformation, nobody wants to do the mental gymnastics of looking at their bank account to figure out how much money is safe to spend. With Balance Money that is all a thing of the past, the app will calculate in real-time what is safe to spend. A majority of banks either lack a budgeting solution altogether or fail to provide one with a meaningful experience. Additionally, dedicated budgeting apps provide no financial control, require constant relinking and do not provide real-time visibility. Balance Money combines banking and budgeting into one to overcome those challenges.

The Balance Money app helps its users organize their money automatically with Balance Money Autopilot – think envelope budgeting but digital and automated. When a user gets paid, The Balance Money app automatically divides their paycheck based on upcoming bills, savings goals, and budgeted spending.

Balance Money is not simply another savings app. Instead Balance Money provides spend management tools built for the individual’s lifestyle. This personalized experience is based on their spending habits and provides a path to improving their financial health.While Balance Money is focused on innovative financial technology, the company offers many of the services expected from traditional banks. This includes Fee-Free ATMs, check deposit and savings accounts.


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