Streetbeat, an investing and trading platform for stock and cryptocurrencies with a proprietary marketplace of professional investment strategies, has revealed its flagship stocks strategy was up 8.3% in Q3, and 3.4% since inception, net of fees.Concerns with ongoing inflation, the war in Ukraine and Fed interest rate hikes have caused stocks to fall considerably over the year with the SP500 down by over 5% in Q3, and 23.6% year to date.

Streetbeat, a platform that is powered by a data-driven, patented algorithm which harnesses the power of 1 billion data points to drive investment decisions, enables effective trading strategies that react quickly to changing trends.

Results are based upon an “moderate” risk profile with an account value of $400 or more and are shown net of fees. Results based on price variations since inception 01/27/22 to 09/30/22 and 07/01/22 to 09/30/22. “Illustrative Benchmarks” include S&P500 Index. Flagship Stock does not mirror that of the Illustrative Benchmarks and the volatility may be materially different. Results for Flagship strategies as compared to the performance of Illustrative Benchmarks and may not reflect actual future performance.

Against this backdrop, Steetbeat’s flagship stocks have remained relatively stable. Additionally, the company also announced today that its customer base has grown to surpass 110,000 – an organic growth of 60% in the current quarter alone.

The company has also just passed the milestone of $1.2million ARR – up from just $100,000 in Q1 of 2022 – as it continues to expand, building its customer base and helping customers find growth opportunities, despite the ongoing market volatility. Streetbeat is a fintech company focused on democratizing and demystifying investing and making it accessible to everyone. The patented Streetbeat technology was designed to allow people to benefit from algo-trading and valuable data that can be difficult to uncover and decipher, empowering them to take control of their financial futures with a smooth onboarding process.

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