Saudi Arabia’s FinTech landscape is developing rapidly, driven by a proactive regulatory approach, creative initiatives, and growing investments. Managing personal finances efficiently is important for achieving financial goals and securing a stable future. Fortunately, the emergence of FinTech has brought forth a wide range of tools and applications that simplify personal finance management.

FinTech applications have completely changed how people create and manage their budgets. These apps offer intuitive interfaces and automation features that make budgeting effortless. Users can categorise transactions, obtain individualised insights on spending patterns, and track their income, expenses, and savings objectives in real-time.

Here is a list of 5 popular Fintech apps in Saudi Arabia helping users better manage their finances:

Alinma App

Alinma App provides a variety of new and advanced features that meet personal banking needs. The new Alinma application adopts a new vision of digital banking services, through which the app seek to meet the aspirations of customers and provide an easy and fast digital banking experience.

The new Alinma App provides a comprehensive control panel for all products and services, so that users can easily carry out banking transactions, submit your requests, inquiries and many more, without the need to visit the branch.


Alrajhi Bank

The Al Rajhi app is an easy, fast and fully developed banking solutions that offers users a suite of personal banking services on their mobile. With an improved interface and a unique design, Al Rajhi app provides users with a customized personal banking experience, to manage all your banking operations anytime, anywhere. In addition to a wide variety of services and products you can benefit from, without the need to visit the branch, you can shop via the Al Rajhi app eMarket and get personal financing in a matter of seconds.

mada Pay

mada Pay, the most convenient way to pay everyday. Paying at stores has never been easier, no need to pull out wallet and look for the right card. With mada Pay, all your cards from any bank issued in the Kingdom can be found in one place. Pay everywhere you see mada atheer logo or the contactless payment symbol safe in the knowledge that mada Pay never shares your actual card number with the merchant so your card information remains secure.

stc pay

stc pay is a secure integrated digital wallet to make all financial transactions securely and effortlessly in one app – in addition to new and innovative features designed to enhance and present solutions to current socio-financial behaviors. For instance, through the stc pay digital wallet, users can transfer, receive, purchase, manage your spending, but furthermore, you can share group expenses with your contact list whether friends or family – using the shared wallet feature all of that and more using your virtual account through the digital wallet.


New digital banking solution presented by Al Rajhi Bank –Jordan. Urpay is secured digital wallet to manage all your financial transactions through your mobile . it offers several services such as instant payments & transfers, bill payments , virtual cards issuance and many other services that meet your expectations and lifestyle.


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