South African startup Scale has launched what it claims to be Africa’s first fintech agency, built to help startups in the sector overcome the challenges many face in the early years of running a business.

Between 2017 and 2023, the number of fintech startups active in Africa increased by 125.2 per cent, yet the rapidly evolving ecosystem faces issues such as limited access to industry expertise, overcoming regulatory hurdles, a lack of partnership education and seamless end-to-end technology infrastructure, among others.

Founded by Miranda Perumal, Scale aims to bridge those gaps, and enable fintechs to grow. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, digital content and media marketing solutions, the company will provide a range of services and solutions, such as regulatory compliance, infrastructure development, end-customer education, and market expansion support.

“I’m a young, African female who takes pride in following my passion to drive impact. Fintechs are a key lever of economic growth, and I believe that the customer or merchant-centric payment solutions they drive, really do change people’s lives,” said Perumal.

“I’ve founded the business on three key values – relationships first, making an impact, and faster action. Africa has my heart and my promise, to create more opportunities for our women and small business owners, empower fintechs with the expertise they need to deploy payment solutions and strategies that work, and try my absolute best to solve critical challenges that are barriers to growth.”


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