The MENA Fintech Association, a not-for-profit organisation serving fintech startups and established players across the Middle East and Africa, has established a new fintech marketing working group, ‘Bridge’.

Bridge will aim to bring together industry experts, marketing professionals, and key stakeholders to strategise and implement innovative marketing initiatives that will foster the growth and visibility of fintech ventures across the MENA region.

This working group will focus on devising comprehensive marketing strategies, leveraging digital channels, fostering collaborations, and organising educational events to support the fintech ecosystem’s development, ultimately driving greater awareness and adoption of fintech solutions in the Middle East and Africa.

The group will also actively work towards establishing a robust network that bridges the gap between fintech startups, established players, and regulatory bodies, ensuring that the marketing strategies align with evolving regulations while propelling the region’s fintech landscape towards sustainable growth and recognition on a global scale.

Eric Fulwiler has been appointed as the chair of the new working group. Founded in 2018, the MENA Fintech Association has earned recognition as one of the top four fintech groups globally. With a strong presence in the Middle East and Africa, the association has been at the forefront of driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the fintech industry.

Bridge aiming to “nurture the growth of fintech” 

Nameer Khan, chairman of the MENA Fintech Association, shared his thoughts about the new working group: “Bridge marks a significant milestone in our continuous commitment to bolstering the fintech landscape across the MENA region. This innovative working group represents a collaborative effort to drive the industry forward by strategically leveraging marketing expertise.

“Our aim is to not only nurture the growth of fintech but also to fortify its presence and impact. Bridge will serve as a platform for thought leadership, fostering a collective vision that aligns marketing strategies with the evolving needs of the industry.

“We anticipate that this strategic initiative will pave the way for unprecedented opportunities, further positioning the MENA region as a key player in the global fintech arena.”

Nadia Benaissa, head of marketing at Paymentology and a board member of the MENA Fintech Association, explained: “I am passionate about fintech marketing and how it has evolved over the years.

“The function is critical to startup and fintech success; however, often, CMOs who work in an innovative environment are creating first-time experiences and do not have any examples to look up to.

“In addition to this, we market in different cultural environments from the Middle East to Africa and beyond.

“Bridge aims to support CMOs’ function by creating a thriving environment for them to excel while learning and sharing key experiences with their peers.”

Bridging the gap between technological advancements and effective communication 

Eric Fulwiler, co-founder and CEO of Rival and chair of Bridge, also added: “I am thrilled to steer an initiative that embodies the essence of its name. Our mission at Bridge is not just to pioneer innovative marketing strategies but to become the nexus between the fintech industry and the realm of marketing.

“We aspire to create a collaborative ecosystem that bridges the gap between emerging startups, established players, and regulatory bodies. This alliance will ensure that our marketing efforts not only drive visibility and adoption but also seamlessly align with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

“Our working group aims to be the conduit that unites the worlds of fintech and marketing, just as implied in our group’s very name, ‘Bridge.’ We envision a symbiotic relationship that not only amplifies the visibility of fintech innovations but also strategically aligns these advancements with cutting-edge marketing methodologies.

“This synergy aims to not only propel the growth of the fintech sector but also to bridge the gap between technological advancements and effective communication, serving as a gateway that unites innovation and consumer engagement within the dynamic landscape of the MENA region. Marketing is the bridge between the value of a product and the needs that exist in the market. We believe marketing has a fundamental and often misunderstood/overlooked role in driving purposeful, sustainable growth in fintech businesses and the region overall.”


The Fintech Times 

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