What lies ahead for the future of money? As our economy and payment systems go increasingly digital, we’re witnessing the emergence of new forms of money: central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and commercial bank money tokens (CBMTs).

Central banks worldwide are exploring CBDCs and the rise of CBMTs could revolutionize the industry, leading to a coexistence of various forms of public and private money in the future financial landscape.

The Digital Euro Conference 2024 (#DEC24) will converge in Frankfurt on February 29th, uniting central bankers, financial sector and industry experts, technology providers, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs. This event will delve into the latest trends in CBDCs, stablecoins, and CBMTs, offering a glimpse into what the future of money will look like.

Join on-site and online attendees to discuss the latest developments and emerging industry trends with exclusive speeches, discussions and pitches from experts in the field of digital money.

As a hybrid event, all #DEC24 sessions will be live-streamed for our online participants, with on-site attendees having the opportunity to network with our wide range of partners, experts and fellow attendees. Don’t miss the chance to stay ahead of the curve and explore the role of money in the digital age.

Visit our website for more information: https://home.digital-euro-association.de/en-us/digital-euro-conference

Watch the #DEC23 aftermovie here: https://youtu.be/4Xe_I2QlXuE?si=lgRpUVFLFsq5_OPY

Topic Breakdown

Digital Euro

  • Status quo, design and technological aspects (e.g. offline payments);
  • Use cases, implementation and adoption;
  • Legal considerations;
  • Wholesale vs. Retail;
  • Implications for the industry and end users.


CBDCs in general

  • CBDC cross-border payments and geopolitics;
  • CBDC and AI;
  • CBDC and digital ID;
  • CBDC lessons learned and adoption strategies;
  • wCBDC projects and use cases.


Stablecoins & Commercial Bank Money Tokens

  • Euro stablecoin and cross-border use cases;
  • USD stablecoins;
  • MiCAR and DLT Pilot Regime;
  • Tokenized deposits vs. deposit tokens;
  • Business models and use cases.


CBDCs, Stablecoins & CBMTs

  • Programmability and privacy;
  • Unified ledger, regulated liability network, UDPN;
  • Future of money;
  • Uses cases of blockchain-based forms of money;
  • CBDCs vs. Stablecoins vs. CBMTs.

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